3.2m Eco-sovent Printer

3 2m Eco-sovent Printer

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TX6-320E eco-solvent printer

Product Description:

High speed
The machine adopts the high-speed print head.It contains 180/row x 8/line nozzles,totally 1440 nozzles,which is fourth time of the past numbers of nozzles.

Hight quality
The machine adopts the advanced droplet control technology.The minimum ink droplet is 3.5pl. Use European design standards.Printing flat tolerance is less than 0.1mm.It makes more precise printing and vivid picture.

Hight stability
Use original printhead operation manual to have precise printing and guaranttee the no cut-off Iong-time printing.
The advance feeding system overcomes the problem of misallgnment and step change.

Low cost
The cold way of ink out of the piezoelectric print head have determined the low cost of print head during printing.The cost of print head is almost zero during printing.

The ink adopts large ink bottle.You can directly see the amount of ink which has been used.This can avoid the picture scrapped caused by ink starving when use ink in bags.Meanwhile,the package cost of ink in bottle is lowerthan ink in bags which greatly reduce user's cost.

Technical Parameters:
Specification Parameters
Print Head Type of Print Head EPSON DX5
Quantity 2
Inks Ink’s Color 4 X 4 Colors  C, M, Y, K
Ink’s Type Piezoelectric DX5 Eco-solvent Inks
Way of Supply Inks Automatic Ink Supply
Speed Production Model 35 ㎡/h
Precision Model 30 ㎡/h
High Precision Model 28 ㎡/h
Heating & Drying Heating & Drying Front, Middle and Rear Plus Fans
Temperature Normal Temperature 80℃,Suggestion Temperature:40-60℃
Media Media Size 3200mm
Media Type High Glossy Photo Paper, PP, Light Sheet, Oil Painting Paper and other Materials for Eco-solvent ink
Media Transfer Automatic Strong tension Feeding and Take Up System
Print Head Cleaning Automatic Cleaning Device and Automatic Scraping Device
Interface USB
Working Temperature Temperature: 18-29℃, Humidity: 550-80%
Power 50 Hz  AC220V(±10%)
Software MainTop / PhotoPrint
Dimension Length X Width X Height (mm): 4660 X 960 X 1250
Weight 600KG